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One-on-One Group Insurance Assistance

Group Health Insurance in Jacksonville | DPBrokerageInc.comWhen you are on the lookout for group health insurance options, the search can be overwhelming. You have to look high and low to make sure that you are finding the right options for your company. If you are looking for group health insurance in Jacksonville, the team at dp Brokerage, Inc. is here to help you. We work with employers and insurance plan administrators, helping you find the right options for your needs.

The best part about working with our business is that we provide you with one-on-one assistance. This means that we work directly with you to provide you with personalized services and fast quotes. Larger companies will take weeks for a complete employee benefit package quote, leaving you high and dry when you need the information as soon as possible. When you work with us, you’ll be working with insurance specialists who are familiar with the Affordable Care Act, making sure that you choose the right insurance plan for your business.

Are you ready to work with a specialist at our business? All you have to do is contact us at (888) 975-9303 and one of our team members will start working on a quote for your business. You can count on our staff to give you great, affordable options.

How to Make Shopping for Health Insurance Online Easier

2Whether you’re a freelancer or your employer doesn’t offer health insurance you like, shopping for your own health insurance plan is a necessity for many — but many people aren’t even sure where to begin. With programs such as the Affordable Care Act offering multiple options, some people may not even realize they’re not required to buy their plan through the ACA — and that the best plan for them may not even be on the ACA. Luckily, shopping online for a health care plan doesn’t have to be difficult.

Work with a Broker

The best insurance agency Jacksonville, FL area residents work with isn’t a representative of any particular insurance provider, but rather a broker of insurance. That way, they don’t have an invested interest in a particular insurance and can give their recommendations as an objective third party. If you need help understanding the differences between deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums and determining issues such as whether or not you need good prescription coverage and dental insurance, make an appointment with a broker.

Look at Last Year

In the last year, how many times did you and/or your family go to the doctor, and how much did you spend on medical bills, including dentist visits and prescriptions? How much did you spend on insurance premiums? Knowing how much you spent on premiums versus how much you spent on bills overall will help determine whether or not you can take the risk of lowering your monthly premium and raising your deductible.

Use a Comparison Tool

Ask for a free health insurance quote online and you’ll be shown multiple plans in your results. Comparing the benefits of each plan is easier when you see them all on one page.

DP Brokerage helps countless Floridians find the right health insurance every day. Get your free quote online or call for a consultation. Feel free to contact DP Brokerage with any of your insurance questions.

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Switch Your Company’s Health Insurance Plan?

1Offering health insurance to full-time employees is no longer just one of the ways to make your company more attractive to prospective workers — it’s also required by law. But even offering insurance to part-time employees can make your company stand out more. However, it’s not uncommon for the costs and problems associated with a health insurance plan to become a consistent issue in your company’s side. Check for signs that it may be time to switch your company’s health insurance plan.

High Costs

The best health insurance Jacksonville, FL area businesses offer their employees doesn’t cost a significant amount of a company’s HR budget. If your employees are complaining to you about high premium, deductible or out-of-pocket costs, or you’re finding that the company’s contribution is spiraling out of control, ask an insurance broker to help you find a more affordable plan.

Poor Coverage

Although there are options to help control your employees’ health care costs, such as company health savings accounts, their health insurance should cover most of their yearly care. It shouldn’t be overly limiting, either, as limited health care provider choice and constant referral requirements can delay care. Listen to your employees’ complaints about poor coverage.

You’re Expanding

What may have been the best plan for a small number of employees may not work as well for a larger company. If you’re expanding — adding a new location or going on a hiring spree — it’s time to reexamine your company’s health care offerings with the assistance of an insurance broker.

Ask an insurance brokerage firm to look over your company’s current plan and help you find the best option. DP Brokerage offers free quotes to individuals and groups seeking health care plans alike. Call today for a consultation.

Do I Need Dental Insurance?

2Many people don’t think about their teeth until there is something wrong with them. Too many times, we’ve skipped visits to the dentists because we are afraid of them or are just too busy. When you don’t have dental insurance, it can be very expensive to visit the dentist. dp Brokerage Inc. understands your needs and provides exceptional coverage to help alleviate some of the devastating costs of going to the dentist.

If you have teeth, then you should probably invest in dental insurance. The wonderful thing about dental insurance is that it allows you to go in for checkups and teeth cleanings without you having to worry about paying out of pocket for these services. Furthermore, when the dentist finds issues like cavities, wisdom tooth problems, and the need for crowns, you won’t have to worry about paying a ton of money right away. Your insurance coverage should help you with some of these costs.

When you are seeking affordable dental insurance in Jacksonville, FL, you can feel confident that the crew at dp Brokerage Inc. are ready and willing to help you. We are proud to serve residents of Jacksonville, as well as Orange Park, St. Augustine, Green Cove Springs, and other surrounding areas.

Making Medicare Better

1Once you hit age 65, you can sign up for Medicare and let your country take care of you. That said, having Medicare doesn’t exclude you from deductibles and copayments. You still have to pay for some services, including prescriptions and other gaps. Instead of dealing with the gaps, you can purchase extra coverage to make your medical costs more affordable through dp Brokerage Inc.

Our team knows that you have a lot of questions about Medicare, so we can assist you with traditional Medicare supplements, Medigap plans, advantage plans, and policy renewals, as well as open enrollment and prescription issues. We know that many senior citizens live on budgets, so we work hard to make sure your plan fits your budget. Our Florida insurance specialists are always ready to assist you with your insurance issues and never try to sell you on coverage that you don’t need.

When you work with our specialists, you won’t have to leave your home! dp Brokerage Inc. provides in-home consultations throughout Jacksonville and the surrounding communities. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us at (888) 975-9303 and we will schedule a consultation to discuss Medicare options with you!

ACA Requirements for Children

dpbroker_10_15The Affordable Care Act put health insurance within the reach of millions of Americans who previously couldn’t justify the expense. It’s especially proven a relief for parents of previously uninsured children. If you’re a parent who’s new to the ACA system or you’re unsure if you’ve signed up for it correctly in the past, review the ACA requirements for kids with a professional.

Prepare Your Income and Consider Health Care Needs

Schedule an appointment with an insurance agency Jacksonville, FL residents trust to help them navigate the ACA. To get affordable health care for your children, you’ll need proof of your income or what you estimate your income will be in the upcoming year. If you’re married, you’ll need to include your spouse’s income as well. Then you should consider what kind of coverage you need for your children, and what levels of deductibles and co-payments you can afford, before you start browsing.


Your children only qualify for the ACA if neither parent is able to provide them with health insurance via their employers, and if the parents earn too much income for the children to qualify for Medicaid and state-based government-funded programs. When you sign up for a plan for yourself — because you own your own business, you’re a part-timer, or you’re otherwise self-employed — you can add your children to the plan. You can’t sign up children for their own plan, unless they’re over the age of 18 and they sign themselves up.

Age Requirement

Children under the age of 26 can qualify for ACA on their parents’ plans. Young adults between the ages of 18 and 26 who are independent and able to provide for themselves might benefit from applying for their own coverage instead, but they can still stay on a parent’s plan if they prefer, even if they’re married or no longer live at home. State-based, government-funded programs for children typically only apply to children under the age of 18, but an older child may qualify for Medicaid based on her income.

Speak with an insurance agent today to discuss the ACA requirements for your children and go over all of your options. It’s possible buying a plan off of the health care exchange will prove more cost-effective and provide better coverage for your family, but it’s best to look into every alternative.

Finding Quality Dental Insurance in Jacksonville

Friendly male dentist and team with thumbs upNow that businesses all over are beginning to offer health insurance, it’s important to make sure that you are getting the coverage you need. When you are seeking dental insurance, count on the dedicated team members at dp Brokerage Inc. to provide you with exceptional coverage options to fit your budget.

When you invest in dental coverage for yourself and your family, you’ll receive help with a wide variety of dental issues. Our plans help you pay for tooth fillings, root canals, wisdom teeth removal, crowns and bridges, and simple dental repair work. By having our insurance, you’ll be able to afford these dental repairs. Not only does our coverage cover these issues, you will receive preventative care with no deductible without having to worry about waiting periods, in addition to gaining access to dental network discounts.

Let the licensed specialists at our insurance agency in Jacksonville, FL, help you find new dental coverage. We are proud to serve individuals throughout Jacksonville, as well as surrounding areas like St. Augustine, Middleburg, Orange Park, and the beaches. With new insurance from our business, you’ll be able to feel confident and have a bright, white smile that you’ll always want to show off!

Providing Insurance for Your Employees

Group Health Insurance in Jacksonville, FLMaking sure that your staff have insurance is a great way to attract new employees to your business. When you are seeking group health insurance in Jacksonville, FL, you can feel confident that you’ll have no problems finding the best options available at a price that your company can afford when you work with dp Brokerage, Inc.

When you come to us, our brokers will do a comprehensive evaluation of all the carriers to help you provide your employees with the best plans available. Additionally, our staff knows all about the Affordable Care Act, COBRA, and other related insurance issues, making sure that your company is compliant with all of the recent health care changes. Your employees will be happy with the new insurance options, which will increase the moral and improve productivity.

When you contact one of our employees, you won’t have to wait around for weeks to receive a complete employee benefit package quote. We work fast and efficiently to make sure that you get the quote you are looking for as soon as possible. All you have to do is call us at (888) 975-9303 or fill out our online quote request form and we will get back to you with excellent quotes.

Why You Need Health Insurance

Jacksonville Insurance BrokerGetting sick is never fun. And no matter how hard you try to avoid it, sometimes you just can’t. You never know when you’re going to come down with a virus, or worse. And even if you can manage to keep illnesses at bay, you never know if you’re going to suffer an injury that requires medical attention. And due to new federal regulations, if you don’t have insurance you could be facing a fine at tax time. For all of these reasons, and more, it is so important to have health insurance.

If you currently don’t have health insurance, here’s a look at some excellent reasons why you should contact a Jacksonville insurance broker to get coverage as soon as possible.

Top Reasons to Get Health Insurance

If you’ve been putting off getting health insurance because you don’t want to spend extra money each month, think again. You’ll actually pay a fraction of the amount it will cost you to get medical care if you aren’t insured. And, you never know when you will get sick or injured. Here’s a look at some of the top reasons why you really need to invest in health insurance.

For Your Well-Being

While you may be able to treat the common cold yourself at home, for illnesses that are more severe, like the flu, chicken pox, or strep throat, you are going to need medical attention. If you don’t have insurance, you’ll end up paying a fortune to be treated.

Likewise, if you end up getting injured or your appendix ruptures and you need surgery, you will spend so much more on medical treatment if you aren’t insured.

For Your Loved One’s Sake

Another reason you should invest in health insurance is for the sake of your loved ones. An illness or an injury could become life-threatening. You may put off having medical treatment because you don’t have insurance and don’t want to pay a hefty bill, which could ultimately jeopardize your loved ones.