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How Do You Know When It’s Time to Switch Your Company’s Health Insurance Plan?

1Offering health insurance to full-time employees is no longer just one of the ways to make your company more attractive to prospective workers — it’s also required by law. But even offering insurance to part-time employees can make your company stand out more. However, it’s not uncommon for the costs and problems associated with a health insurance plan to become a consistent issue in your company’s side. Check for signs that it may be time to switch your company’s health insurance plan.

High Costs

The best health insurance Jacksonville, FL area businesses offer their employees doesn’t cost a significant amount of a company’s HR budget. If your employees are complaining to you about high premium, deductible or out-of-pocket costs, or you’re finding that the company’s contribution is spiraling out of control, ask an insurance broker to help you find a more affordable plan.

Poor Coverage

Although there are options to help control your employees’ health care costs, such as company health savings accounts, their health insurance should cover most of their yearly care. It shouldn’t be overly limiting, either, as limited health care provider choice and constant referral requirements can delay care. Listen to your employees’ complaints about poor coverage.

You’re Expanding

What may have been the best plan for a small number of employees may not work as well for a larger company. If you’re expanding — adding a new location or going on a hiring spree — it’s time to reexamine your company’s health care offerings with the assistance of an insurance broker.

Ask an insurance brokerage firm to look over your company’s current plan and help you find the best option. DP Brokerage offers free quotes to individuals and groups seeking health care plans alike. Call today for a consultation.

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